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ER16 | ER-Silicon Sealed Collets

ER16 | ER-Silicon Sealed Collets

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ER Collets are also very economical when compared with other popular collet systems. Collets work best when used at nominal or full diameter but when the economy is desired this system compares very favorably with other systems. If a user would like to cover a range of 1/8-1″ with a tool holding system please consider that with the RD/ER System this only requires 23 collets. With a TG system of the same capacity it takes 59 collets to cover the same range. When compared with DA collets with a capacity of 1/16-3/4″ the RD/ER system only requires 18 collets while the DA needs 45 collets to cover the same range. This represents a significant cost saving while improving accuracy, and versatility.

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