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Here's a quick guide on how to select the right ER collet wrench for your HindMechanisch collet:

  1. Identify the size of your ER collet: The size of the collet is usually engraved on the collet itself. It will be a number followed by the letters "ER".
  2. Choose an ER collet wrench that matches the size of your collet: Hind Mechanisch's ER collet wrenches are designed to work with specific collet sizes. Make sure to choose a wrench that is the same size as your collet.

The wrench uses a multi-point hook design to grip the nut securely. This design provides a stable and positive connection, even with high torque loads.These wrenches are available in different sizes to match specific ER collet diameters.

If you are unsure about the size of your collet, you can always contact HindMechanisch directly for assistance.

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