About Hindmechanisch

We at Hindmechanisch, started our journey with the collective ambition of our group of founding engineers, to provide best quality tools at best price, by utilization of our experience of over 10 years in manufacturing of precision tools and equipment.

We handle and manage our own manufacturing facility, warehouse , supply chain and sales support with the aim to provide maximum value to our customers.

Quality and Precision

The Quality of your product is what sets us apart from others. We are producing high-quality products, that we are able to provide customers with consistent results. This means that you can trust our products and know that it will perform consistently over time.

Precision refers to the degree of accuracy in measurements. In order to achieve precision, you need to use precise tools and equipment. We offer you precise tool that you should invest in the best tools and equipment that you can afford. This way, you can ensure that you get accurate results.


To help customers all around the globe to achieve their quality and precision goals through our product. By committing and dedicating our expertise from initial stages of manufacturing with utmost quality control to warehousing, distribution and after sales support, we aim to deliver maximum value to our customers.

We want to improve continuously by eliminating bottlenecks and provide highest quality of product, through continuous engagement and feedback with customers. We never compromise with the quality of our product and customer delivery.

Purchase & Sales Support

We provide technical support on all our products. All items in our catalogue are kept in stock for immediate shipping. We have established supply chain support to deliver the product all around the globe efficiently.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and stand 100% with quality of our collets. If for any reason, the client is not satisfied with purchase or an item client purchased does not fit their application, we would happily facilitate easy returns/replacement with utmost diligence condition along with packaging slip within 7 days of final product delivery.

We will promptly refund the entire purchase amount excluding shipping and 10% restocking fee.